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shay, dani

June 2009

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shay, dani

Update on Nicole!

Some of you might not know what i'm talking about but at least a few of you have been following along, but if not...

(This is a rant that I sent to a friend so punctuation has been largely disregarded)

We found her. She contacted Savvas a few days ago.... She's been in Utah in a mormon rehabilitation center and she claims that she was just confused and is now a straight man well she might not be TG but she ain't no straight man! Why would she keep saying "I just don't see how we can work out" to Savvas when your supposidly a straight man plus she proved to me that shes a TS you just don't jump into it as fast as she did if your confused! I even told her to test the waters first to see how she truely feels but noooo "i've been wanting to do this for years!" I mean I did not tell her but just looking at her she would just be better off as a girl she's 18 5'1 and her arms are no bigger around than my fist still I did everything in my power to diswayed her and nope she went full time in a week and a half and you know what? She was soooo much happier, and thats what mainly convinced me! She started going out with Savvas and she hated her penis getting touched she was mortified when someone tried to treat her as a guy how can a straight man feel that way! Her family is also catholic and I wonder if her parents know that shes becoming a mormon, gah she wants to stay there and help deprogram others! GAH! I bet her dad thinks "well it's better for him to become a mormon than a damn faggot" Aaaaarrrghh!!!

Still shes done things like this in the past just to survive but she was so serious dispite the contridictions and since she wants her family to love her so much i'm afriad that this could be very real but we will find out for sure once the charges are droped after Jan 2nd and shes free.

I mean it's not all bad she was able to stop smoking since the place does not allow it and she will be finishing highschool, though she could have done that anyway she will be able to go to a great college instead of a tech school even though it seems that she gave up her long time dream of becoming a chef.


Here's a video of Nicole right after she came out to me. Others in the video are SavVas, SavVas's mom, chuck and his then girlfriend, Shaun, and Caroline


sounds very suspicious

Sounds like she's been manipulated..
I agree this all sounds a but nutty... like they have subjected him/her to continuous conditioning to sway opinions.

However... we must accept, if anyone can, the importance of someone being allowed to look inward and decide who they are... and at their own pace. Though it may seem that he has been pushed away from his past leaps forward, he must be allowed to choose or we are no different. If he is truly no longer thinking clearly, then as long as he has supportive friends some day he may work up confidence again and decide once and for all.

At least he/she is well and has been found.
-Waves from Utah-
Just here to say that we're not all Mormon manipulators over here >.< I'm glad she was found though =D